Sunday, June 4, 2017 Bosnia doubles protected land area, opens parks for free on 5 June

Bosnia and Herzegovina is doubling the size of its protected areas and is opening national parks across the country for free to mark this year’s World Environment Day.

Under a project supported by UN Environment and the Global Environment Facility, the Balkan country is raising the proportion of its land covered by reserves and wildlife sanctuaries from 2 per cent to at least 4 per cent.

Development will be controlled and wildlife protected at a string of sites including: the ‘Mediteranetum’ botanical reserve in Neum, Bosnia’s only town on the Adriatic Sea; the nearly 10-kilometer-long Govještica Cave; and the Livanjsko Polje Ramsar site, which attracts up to 70,000 wintering waterbirds.

Officials from the areas to be protected are among guests at a World Environment Day event at the Botanical Garden of the National Museum in the capital, Sarajevo. Speakers will highlight the benefits of protecting nature and enjoy nature-inspired artistic performances.

Also on 5 June, national parks in the Canton of Sarajevo will be opened for free, handing citizens more opportunities to connect with nature in a country whose varied landscape is reflected in its rich flora and fauna.

Sites within easy reach of the city include the Skakavac Waterfalls, Bijambare Cave, Mount Trebević and the River Bosna’s natural spring.

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