Sunday, June 4, 2017 #NatureForAll launches playbook to get the world outdoors
Connect with nature

To celebrate World Environment Day 2017, and its theme of reconnecting people with nature, #NatureForAll has launched a guide stuffed with action-packed ideas to get us off the sofa and out into the wild world.

#NatureForAll is a global movement to inspire love of nature — of the earth, water, sky, plants, animals, and people. Its new playbook is “an invitation to discover your unique way to connect with Nature, and help others do the same”.

The playbook outlines seven ways to engage more with nature in a fun way:

  • Bring children into nature at an early age
  • Find and share the fun in nature
  • Use urban gateways to nature
  • Embrace technology
  • Share cultural roots and ancestry in nature
  • Seek out diverse partnerships
  • Empower a new generation of leaders


Each section has a quick play idea, such as rain puddle-jumping competitions for kids and following the wind until you find a green space, and “featured plays” – organizations and activities across the world that people can get involved in.

Spending time in nature provides innumerable benefits, from reducing stress and lowering blood pressure to building stronger immune systems. Download the playbook in English, French or Spanish here and tap its ideas for a World Environment Day activity of your own.

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